Cooking class with traditional cuisine

Preparing and cooking food are some of the most important life skills to acquire. Joining a cooking class allows NDIS participants to develop their motor, social and communication skills while having fun, as well as prepare a pathway to live independently in the future.

With a passion to support and help our participants achieve greater things in life, Rosie’s cooking classes are designed to provide a hands-on experience in specific areas related to preparing and cooking simple dishes that everyone will enjoy.

The cooking class will be organised on a weekly basis for approximately 2 hours each day. Our professionally trained chef and experienced instructor who specialises in teaching children will guide the participants through all the things they need to know about cooking, including:

·         Get to know all the ingredients, introduce new foods, flavours and textures.

·         Using utensils, cooking and baking tools

·         Preparing ingredients

·         Cooking main meals, making  desserts

·         Enjoy the fruit of labour

*All the ingredients, tools and equipment will be provided

At this point, there might be some concern regarding the difficulty level of the cooking classes. Please rest assured that our program caters for intellectually challenged individuals. This means the cooking process is simplified and all the complicated tasks will be broken down into manageable steps, so it is easy to follow and accomplish. Our participants’ health and safety are always our number priority, that is why our instructor and carers team will be there to assist the participants to complete the task and support them through the whole cooking process.

By using a non-technical and fun teaching approach, our participants can freely express themselves through cooking. They can have a laugh and giggle, taste new things, make mistakes, learn new skills and socialise outside of the school or household environment. In this class, we often give praise, encourage students and celebrate every small achievement together. Whether it is your first time cracking an egg or trying new cuisine, they all deserve recognition. By the end of the day, we want nothing more than seeing the smiles on our participants faces while they are happily enjoying the delicious food prepared by themselves.


Let’s join hands to cook and grow life skills together. If you are interested and would like to know more, feel free to contact us.