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Support Coordination

Connecting you to the services you need.

NDIS is aimed to positively change your life with the right plan, right support providers, and the right advice when you need it.

Rosie’s support staff will be there with you in every step throughout the NDIS process. We can assist you maximise your NDIS plan, help you get the right support, and assist you with your NDIS journey.

As your Support Coordinator, together we will:

  • Indentify your needs
    We’ll collect information about your health, lifestyle, needs and cultural preferences, so we know how we can help you and discuss options with you.
  • Connect with suitable NDIS Provider
    We then will find the best suited supports for you, drawing on our vast network of service providers. You meet the NDIS Provider and start receiving the care you deserve.
    All providers we work with are NDIS certified and have immediate availability.
  • Advise and guide
    We’re ready to share our NDIS knowledge with you about your plan. We’ll help you track the progress of your goals, needs, and aspirations. Also, we assist you to support relationships, remove barriers, reduce complexity in the support environment.

Ultimately, we are here to help you bring your NDIS plan to life based on what’s best for you – not anyone else.


Contact Rosie’s Love and Care for more information via (+61) 0492.668.668 or via email info@rosielovecare.com.au