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Assist Life Stage Transition

For people with disability, transitioning to a new way of living can be difficult and, at times, frustrating. To help you cope with transition and ensure that it positively impacts your overall wellbeing, our compassionate team at Rosie's Love and Care will provide you with a range of support systems funded through your NDIS plan so that you live a peaceful and fulfilling life. Some of the aspects in which we can support are as follows:

  • Capacity building skill
  • Crisis and conflict resolution
  • Financial Mentoring
  • Assistance with decision making
  • Development of independent self-care and living skills
  • Establish support networks in a client's community circle
  • Linkage support to other supportive community services and programs
  • Daily planning and Budgeting
  • Life planning and goal planning
  • Life transition and planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skill development
  • Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations


Contact Rosie’s Love and Care for more information via (+61) 0492.668.668 or via email info@rosielovecare.com.au.