Dance movement is proven an excellent therapy for mental disabilities, in which participants are encouraged to use their body as a language to express their emotions and thoughts. Or simply just having fun!

Rosie’s Dance class focuses on improving mental and physical health. The benefit of Rosie’s Dance class includes but are not limited to: 

  • >> Stimulate the musical sensibility
  • >> Regulate emotion by expressing it through movements 
  • >> Reduce stress
  • >> Improve social interaction and communication
  • >> Maintain physical health


When the music comes on, our participants can leave everything outside the studio and fully immerse in their movements. They can freely express their emotion, body and mind all while having a good time and feeling like they are part of a team. 


By the end of each session, we always try to save a few minutes for freestyle dancing. Our participants will have this opportunity to explore new ideas for movement, free their bodies and have fun expressing themselves or even invent some cool moves. 


Getting comfortable with your own body and movement can take time and practice at first. But none of this can happen unless you move, so, let’s start dancing now!



Thursday: 4pm -5pm

Friday: 5pm - 6pm

Contact us for more infomation on trial and how to book.